Norma S.r.l.


The NORMA company was born in 1949 on initiative of a group of friends and it soon developed to become a very modern firm which is able to supply the Customers not only products, but also a service of assistance and consultation.
The technicians, who work inside the Company, constantly study new products to put on the market and consider the possibility to update those already designed in order to keep the quality level and the technological contents always high.
The Company produces silicon diodes and rectifiers of several powers, copper and aluminium heatsinks designed to dissipate the heat produced by semiconductor components, permanent ceramic magnets, electric components and control panels for lifts.

In a modern working world some aspects that follow the products have become more and more important; service, reliability, quality, safety are elements that, day by day, are really going to be fundamental for a company that always wants to be a better supplier for her own Clients. It is for this reason that NORMA Company certified her Quality System in conformity with the Standards UNI EN ISO 9001- 2000, thinking, anyway, that this result is only the beginning of a continuous method of improvement of the old way of work, to gain higher satisfaction for the Clients.
So, NORMA Company is sure that the certification way will give a still better relationship with the Clients, and an increasing reciprocal satisfaction.